Covid-19 Safety

First Aid Training During Covid-19 Pandemic

The HSE have issued a statement that the certifcate extension period will end on the 30th of
September 2020

We have put the following measures in place to ensure the training is as safe as possible.

Social Distancing Measures & Fit to Train:
Training room will be large and enable socials distancing guidelines of 2 meters to be adhered to at all times.
Only learners feeling well, without COVID-19 symptoms or not isolating as per NHS/Gov guidance are allowed to attend the course.

Hygiene Measures:
Trainer will ensure that all equipment is adequately sanitised prior to and after each course & Manikin lungs changed.
Trainer will sanitise any other equipment touched by learners during the course.
All learners will be given access to sanitising wipes to use on the manikin.
Learners will be required to wash their hands throughout the course using the facilities provided.
Learners may bring and wear PPE if they wish, our trainer will provide gloves for bandaging as per standard practice.
Learners must bring their own food and refreshments including bottled water.

Course Adaptions:
Trainer will demonstrate recovery position by putting him/herself into the correct position.
Learners to be assessed on recovery position whilst putting themselves in the recovery position. During CPR and AED practical only one learner per piece of equipment.
As per up to date guidance Learners must demonstrate rescue breathes, each learner will be given a CPR face-shield and sanitising wipes.

Track & Trace:
If within two weeks of attending the course you develop COVID-19 symptoms you must contact Nova Stellar Training immediately on 07580818236

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